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FolkCast 132 - July 2017
Running time: 1hr18min  --  Released: 15th July 2017

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FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol

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FolkCast: the podcast that brings you the worlds of
folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music.

A ton of great new sounds from the Folkosphere to share with you, plus there’s NUDITY!... with a steampunk morris dancer; there’s SEX!... with a cuckoo, and there’s DOUGHNUTS!... in an Insanely Mental Instrumental that will drive Homer Simpson crazy! Plus there is a trio of new songs inspired by classics.

FolkCast is produced and presented by
Folkie Phil Widdows

Music featured:

Sheepcrook And Black Dog
by Offa Rex
from the album “The Queen Of Hearts” (2017)

Sheepcrook And Black Dog (excerpt)
by Steeleye Span
from the album “Below The Salt” (1972)

Nothing Matters Anymore
by Richard Sutton
Single (2017)

No One Listens
by Nigel Brown
from the album “Waiting For The Rising Sun” (2017)

Better Days (Radio Mix)
by Thomas John
Single (2017)

The Maid Of Llanwellyn
Story told by Andrew Weighill-Richards
Song sung by John Shepherd
Song recorded live at Rhyl Folk Club

The Rocks Of The Brae
by Ben Robertson
Song recorded live at Rhyl Folk Club

I Pity The Poor Immigrant (Excerpt)
by Bob Dylan
from the album "John Wesley Harding" (1967)

A Belated Reflection On Bob Dylan’s 'I Pity The Poor Immigrant' Fifty Years After The Fact
by Ian Bland
from the album “Everything And Nothing” (2017)

Oh My Doughnuts
by Pons Aelius
from the album “Captain Glen’s Comfort” (September 8th 2017)

Heaven Knows
by Bella Gaffney
from the album “Heaven Knows” (2017)

The Cuckoo’s Nest (excerpt)
by Ashley Hutching’s Morris On Band
from the album “Morris On The Road” (2005)

The Cuckoo's Nest
by TradArrr
from the album "Further Tales Of Love! Death! and Treachery!" (2017)


Stew Simpson tells us about...
Body To Body
by Hadrian’s Union
from the album “Aural Borderalis” (2017)
The art of Spencer Tunick

Easy Rider (Banjo Version)
by Eddie Berman
Single release (2017)

Imagined England
by Lostboy
From the EP “Lost Boy” (2017)


The Old Churchyard
by Offa Rex
from the album “The Queen Of Hearts” (2017)

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