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FolkCast 076
September 2012
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FolkCast 076

Presented and produced by Phil Widdows

The Music In This Month's Show

The Greatest Show On Earth by Green Diesel

Gave You A Thought by Steel Threads

The Pinery Boy by The Emperors Of Wyoming

The Ballad Of The First Fleet by Between The Wars

The Trawling Trade by James Findlay

Harbour Voice by The Young'Uns

Adieu Adieu by The Village Quire

The Devil And The Ploughman by Kim Lowings & The Greenwood

10,000 Miles Away by Bellowhead

Hold On To Me by Balthazer And The Beatitudes

The Thompson Family Singers And I by Jess Morgan

The Story Behind The Song

Golden Hind
Golden Hind

The story is told by Babba

The song is sung by Show Of Hands

Read the lyrics

Visit Drake's home Buckland Abbey

Sir Francis Drake
Sir Francis Drake

Privateering by Mark Knopfler

More Than Boys by Luke Jackson

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