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FolkCast 073 - June 2012
All-Request Special!

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FolkCast 072 May 2012
FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol
Your host is Phil Widdows

The Music In This Month's Show

Set My Soul On Fire
by Leatherat

World On Fire
by Nigel Brown

The Driving Of The Deer
by Bella Hardy

Orphans Of Austerity
by Luke Jackson

The Trees They Do Grow High
by Merrymouth

New York Trader
by The Imagined Village

Life By Numbers
by Arnwyn

Bold Street Bill
by David Harbottle and The Friendly Cats

Storm Clouds
by Blackwing

On The Loose
by Alan Reid and Rob van Sante

Up And Away
by Riotous Assembly

by Peter Nardini

Raise Your Glasses High
by Mike & Ruthy

The Bottle Opener
by Fling

The Story Behind The Song
Charlotte Corday
Charlotte Corday

Read the lyrics
The story is told by Babba
The song is sung by Al Stewart

I Do Not Want To Lose You (Harry Wharton My Old Chum)
by Liz Law & Terry Conway

Summer High
by Skerryvore

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