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FolkCast 059 - March 2011

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FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol

Your hosts are: Phil Widdows and Ken Nicol

01:02 to 04:40

The Rainbow by Debra Cowan
(from the album Fond Desire Farewell)

04:40 to 10:39

Finisterre by June Tabor
(from the album Ashore from Topic Records)

14:00 to 17:54

Moon Musings by Phillip Hartley

17:54 to 21:45

Testing Testing One Two by Mark Handley

23:56 to 28:32

Lovers And Friends by Battlefield Band

28:32 to 32:47

The Road Of Tears by Battlefield Band
(featuring Alan Reid and from his album Recollection)


Ken Nicol's New Zealand Tour Dates - March/April 2011

38:03 to 41:00

Galway Farmer by Steve Knightley
(from the album Live In Somerset)

41:00 to 43:27

The Night We Danced On The Moon by Linney Magic

43:27 to 47:31

Sir Richard's Song by Trembling Bells
(from the album Oak, Ash, Thorn from Folk Police Recordings)

49:40 to 01:01:12

The Story Behind The Song:
Late On Lady Day

The Story is told by Babba
The Song is performed by Decameron

Hiring Fair

Used with kind permission of Johnny Coppin

(Late On Lady Day was written by Johnny Coppin and Dave Bell
and published by PRS - for the album Mammoth Special 1974
now available on the 2-CD set Parabola Road on Castle Music
CMDDD 929, a label of Sanctuary Records)

Other music featured:
The Jolly Beggarman by John Dory
Mal Peatly by The Oxford Waits
Copshawholme Fair by Nigel Pennick

01:01:12 to 01:05:16

Tarry Trousers by Pilgrims' Way

01:05:16 to 01:08:39

Ratcliffe Highway by Gavin Davenport
(from the album Brief Lives)

01:11:57 to 01:17:02

C.M. by Ken Nicol
(from the album Initial Variations)

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