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FolkCast 057 - January 2011
Phil's pick of 2010
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FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol
Your host is Phil Widdows

02:34 to 06:17

As I Roved Out by Matthew Ord

06:17 to 08:13

The Ship In Distress by The Sea Kings

09:43 to 12:50

Where The Wishes Go by Arnwyn

12:50 to 16:29

Come Home by Zeptepi

17:34 to 21:53

Regret by Circus Envy

21:53 to 26:19

The Preacher by Barricades Rise

26:20 to 28:29

An English Tale by Catherine Howe

30:22 to 33:28

Raining Stone by Raurri Joseph

33:28 to 37:26

Civilised Debauchery by 3 Daft Monkeys

38:04 to 42:54

Sir Richard by Galley Beggar

42:55 to 45:32

Tom Of Bedlam by Ed & Will

46:07 to 51:57

The Darkside Wood by Chris While & Julie Matthews

51:57 to 55:45

Captain Ward by The Demon Barbers

56:19 to 59:42

Wenlock Hare by Whalebone

59:42 to 1:05:00

When The Weather Comes by The Urban Folk Quartet

1:09:30 to 1:13:15

Drinking Song / Stool of Repentance by The Duncan McFarlane Acoustic Band

1:13:15 to 1:17:00

Leicestershire Wassail by Black Rat

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