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FolkCast 056 - December 2010
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FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol
Your host is Phil Widdows

01:00 - 04:47
Out On Ye
The Duncan McFarlane Acoustic Band

Marked Out In Pegs CD

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04:47 - 07:43
The Ballad Of John Green
10:09 - 13:18

Horn Of The Hunter
Seat Of The Pants

John Peel
13:18 - 17:51

The Daemon Lover
Alasdair Roberts & Friends

from "Too Long In This Condition"
(Navigator Records)

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17:51 - 20:52

Through The Fair
Lara Conley

Lara Conley
23:00 - 35:48

The House At Boggart Bridge

a folklore poem by
Dave Alton


Mystery Moor
Clem Leek
from "Holly Lane"

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Like The Snow / The Chimney

Nigel Eaton
from "Pandemonium (Music Of The Hurdy-Gurdy)"
(Beautiful Jo)

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Poem produced by Phil Widdows

Sound Effects courtesy of The Freesound Project

Holly Lane


the cottage



Pandemonium (Music Of The Hurdy-Gurdy)

36:45 - 41:31
Adam Barnes
adam barnes
41:31 - 44:02

Tidal Moon
Elijah Wolfenheart

Stop Press!
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44:02 - 47:55

Chris Wood

from "Folk Against Fascism, Vol. 1"
(Folk Against Fascism Limited)

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49:27 - 52:20
Hooty Mullock
52:20 - 59:07
The Curlew
Tom Gamble
a curlew
59:34 - 1:09:34

The Story Behind The Song
with Babba



Here We Come a'Wassailing by The Albion Band
The Somerset Wassail by Magpie Lane

Plus excerpts from
Wassail Morris and The 12th Night Wassail at Ross Cider

A medieval recipe for wassail...


"Next crown the bowl full
With gentle Lamb's Wool
Add sugar, nutmeg, and ginger,
With store of Ale. too,
And thus ye must doe
To make the Wassail a swinger"


- Shakespeare: "Twelfth Night"


You will need:

  • 6 pints of still cider or beer (a dark beer is best, like Porter, but IPA is good too)
  • 12 small apples (crab apples for the traditional recipe, but any apple that will break down when roasted can be substituted)
  • 3 tbsp honey
  • A quarter tsp freshly-ground nutmeg
  • A quarter tsp powdered cinnamon
  • 2 tsp freshly-grated ginger

To make the wassail:

Score round the skin of the apples (you may wish to remove the cores) and bake them in a hot oven until they begin to collapse. Divide your cider or beer between two pots. Place about three quarters in one pot and heat this gently until warm, but not boiling, as boiling evaporates the alcohol. Place the remainder in a second pot (which must be able to hold all the liquid), add the apples, honey and spices to this and bring to the boil.
Now pour the warmed ale into this and turn off the heat. Keep pouring the heated ale between the two pots until a large amount of froth has accumulated on the top (this is the lamb's wool). Pour into a heated bowl and gather your guests around to drink.

User discretion is advised. FolkCast takes no responsibility for anything. Ever. Wassail!

1:09:34 - 1:12:52
Are You Sleeping Maggie?
Tattie Jam
Tattie Jam
1:14:44 - 1:17:13

Sweet England
Shirley Collins
from "Sweet England"

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