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FolkCast 028 - April 2008
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FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol
Your hosts are Phil Widdows and Ken Nicol

00:03:08 to 00:05:54
Miserlou by Bruce Shimabukuro

Legends of the Ukulele 2 : Hawaiian Masters

from "Legends of the Ukulele 2 : Hawaiian Masters"
(Hana Ola Records)

More On This Album

00:08:00 to 00:11:16
Sky Rise Above by Yve And Devora
00:11:16 to 00:13:57
The Lark In The Morning by Jackie Oates
00:16:46 to 00:19:36
Around The World In 80 Folks...
Opa Opa
by Ceca
00:20:08 to 00:24:15
No-One Like You by Nick Cook
00:24:16 to 00:28:33
Fly by Phil James
00:28:34 to 00:31:22
Falling For It by David Wilcox

from "Airstream"
(What Are Records)

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00:33:00 to 00:43:25

The Story Behind The Song
Van Diemen's Land

Come all you gallant poachers,
That ramble void of care,
That walk out on a moonlight night
With dog and gun and snare.
By the keepers of the land, my boys,
One night we were trepanned,
And for fourteen years transported
Unto Van Diemen's land.

The first day that we landed
Upon that fateful shore,
The planters came round us,
They might be twenty score.
They ranked us off like horses
And sold us out of hand,
And yoked us to the plough, brave boys,
To plough Van Diemen's Land.

God bless our wives and families,
Likewise that happy shore,
That isle of sweet contentment
Which we shall see no more;
As for the wretched females,
See them we seldom can,
There are fourteen men to every woman
In Van Diemen's Land.

Oh, if I had a thousand pounds
All laid out in my hand,
I'd give it all for liberty
If that I could command;
Once more to Ireland I'd return,
And be a happy man,
And bid adieu to poaching
And to Van Diemen's Land.

Van Dieman's Land


The Story is told by Babba
The Song is performed by Rachel & John Bowyer
00:43:26 to 00:48:28
The Itchen Ferry Lad by Nelsons Wake
00:50:44 to 00:59:25
English Rebel Songs 1381-1914
"The Diggers Song"

from "English Rebel Songs 1381-1914"
(PM Press)

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Get on With It - Live
"Bella Ciao"
"Get on With It - Live"

(PM Press)

English Rebel Songs More On This Album
01:00:35 to 01:02:30
Tipping In
Rob St. John
01:01:31 to 01:04:47
KC Mackenzie
01:04:48 to 01:07:25
Great Tune The World Is Waiting For by Ralf Weihrauch
Hole In One
Ken's Steeleye Span Tour Diary Podcast

01:11:03 to end

The Cauldron Born
Damh The Bard

"...Bye bye ..."

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