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FolkCast 018 - June 2007
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Introduction and welcome...
FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol
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Harvest Gypsies by Kris Drever
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Poppy Day by Steve Knightley
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We Are What We Seem by Seth Glier
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Bela Aelis by The School Of Trobar

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Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning by Wizz Jones

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The Story Behind The Song
Blackleg Miner

It's in the evening after dark,
When the blackleg miner creeps to work,
With his moleskin pants and dirty shirt,
There goes the blackleg miner!

Well he grabs his duds and down he goes
To hew the coal that lies below,
There's not a woman in this town-row
Will look at the blackleg miner.

Oh, Delaval is a terrible place.
They rub wet clay in the blackleg's face,
And around the heaps they run a foot race,
To catch the blackleg miner!

support miners

So, dinna gang near the Seghill mine.
Across the way they stretch a line,
To catch the throat and break the spine
Of the dirty blackleg miner.

They grab his duds and his pick as well,
And they hoy them down the pit of hell.
Down you go, and fare you well,
You dirty blackleg miner!

So join the union while you may.
Don't wait till your dying day,
For that may not be far away,
You dirty blackleg miner!

The Story is by Babba
(With thanks to the People's History Museum)
The Song is performed by Rachel & John Bowyer
(also featuring There Is Power In A Union by Billy Bragg And The Blokes, recorded live at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, 2000)
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Elizabeth's Great Gallop from Freeborn John by Rev Hammer

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Nine Standards Rigg by Daniel Patrick Quinn
Nine Standards Rigg
The summit of Nine Standards Rigg

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30 Minutes At The Front by John MacRae
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Rescuer's Prayer by Maria Daines
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It's Funny Sometimes by Derek Clegg

Phil's Folk Files
CD Releases:
Bridge Of Sighs by Ralph McTell
Too Few Songs by Chris & Kellie While
The Song Goes On by Cyril Tawney
Reaching Back by Steve Tilston

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Music Featured:

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Ebenezer Hall by Gordon Scott
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Noon Of The Solstice by Damh The Bard
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"...Bye bye ..."
FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol

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