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FolkCast 017 - May 2007
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Introduction and welcome...
(FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol)
00:02:13 to 00:05:22
Drink The Winter Away by Puzzlejug
00:05:22 to 00:09:45
Spring Song by Fairport Convention
00:09:46 to 00:13:30
Hold Out For The Summer by Paul Castle
00:13:30 to 00: 18:20
Drink To The Summer by JD And The Longfellows

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Endless Summer by Causeway

00:24:07 to 00:26:38
Songs by Blackwaterfoot
00:26:38 to 00:30:06
Ghosts by Robert Bray

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Spontaneous Combustion Pact by Dark Captain Light Captain

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The Story Behind The Song
(The Song Of The Western Men)


A good sword and a trusty hand!
A merry heart and true!
King James's men shall understand
What Cornish lads can do!
And have they fixed the where and when?
And shall Trelawney die?
Here's twenty thousand Cornish men
Will know the reason why!

And shall Trelawney live?
And shall Trelawney die?
Here's twenty thousand Cornish men
Will know the reason why!

Cornish Flag

RS Hawker
Songwriter R.S. Hawker

Out spake their Captain brave and bold:
A merry wight was he:
'If London Tower were Michael's hold,
We'd set Trelawny free!
'We'll cross the Tamar, land to land:
The Severn is no stay:
With "one and all," and hand in hand;
And who shall bid us nay?


And when we come to London Wall,
A pleasant sight to view,
Come forth! come forth! ye cowards all:
Here's men as good as you.
'Trelawney he's in keep and hold;
Trelawney he may die:
But twenty thousand Cornish bold
Will know the reason why

The Story is told by Babba
The Song is performed by Rachel & John Bowyer
00:45:24 to 00:48:29
The Old Miner by Andy Clarke
00:48:29 to 00:52:18
John Barleycorn by The Horses Of The Gods
Horse of The Gods
00:52:18 to 00:57:51
Sir Patrick Spens by Matthew Boyle
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01:04:55 to 01:09:34

Richard Turpin
by Black Rat
Black Rat logo

01:09:35 to 01:11:34

Ken Nicol's Italian Dates

01:13:50 to 01:17:56

So I Say Goodbye To You All
by Jon London
"...Bye bye ..."

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