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FolkCast 012 - December 2006
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Introduction and welcome...
FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol
00:01:51 to 00:05:40
Some Of Us Can Run by Never Mind The Bocs
00:05:40 to 00:08:32
Window Of The Sun by Winter Flowers
00:08:32 to 00:13:07
Parting Is The Hardest Thing by David Stevenson
00:15:00 to 00:17:41
Glory Of A Crown by Nigel Hobbins

00:17:41 to 00:28:28

Folk Notes Calendar for December,
presented by Babba, featuring tales of Christmas, Saturnalia, Yule, Juvenalia, the Mithraic Sun Festival, boy bishops and hunting the wren.
(Babba's words captured by Mic-Master Merrick)

Babba's music this month...
Lantern Moon by Boffius
Tidings by Ken Nicol
Doo'lit'Saa'Da (Another Silent Night) by Douglas Spotted Eagle

00:28:28 to 00:32:45

Ken's Guitar Workshop
Ken Nicol talks instruments with Chris While

Chris While

(an alternative Christmas soundtrack)

00:32:38 to 00:36:50

Extract from Cider With Rosie (Laurie Lee) / As Joseph Was Walking by Puzzlejug

00:36:40 to 00:39:50
The Carol Of The Bells by The Hipcola
00:39:50 to 00:42:02
Christmas Time by Dan Edwards
00:42:02 to 00:47:03
The Watchstar by 3 Blind Mice
00:47:03 to 00:51:49
Christmas 1914-18 by Pete Dodds
00:51:49 to 00:55:30
Stopping By Woods by Robert Fisk/A Roving On A Winter's Night by Steve Tilston & Maggie Boyle*
* Tracks taken from the superb four-CD collection of music for Christmas and the Turning of The Year: Midwinter
MidWinter cover - Free Reed Records
with kind permission of
Free Reed Records
00:55:30 to 00:59:01
Comfort And Joy by Clive Gregson*
00:59:01 to 01:00:11
Extract from A Distant Scene (Fred Archer) by Puzzlejug
01:00:11 to 01:02:34
Gloucestershire Wassail by Gary
01:02:34 to 01:05:39
Santa Lost A Ho by Christmas Jug Band
01:05:39 to 01:08:12
Scrooge Blues by The Albion Band
01:08:12 to 01:10:21
Christmas Wish by gidgets ga ga
01:10:21 to 01:13:25
Somebody Stole My Santa Claus Suit by Christmas Jug Band
Brief pause for breath.... then finally!
01:13:34 to 01:17:46
Let's Have A Drink, It's Christmas by Big Al Whittle
(WARNING! Contains very rude words and treasonous comments!)
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