FolkCast Winter Storm 2016/17
Running time: 1hr18min

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The FolkCast Winter Storm 2016/17

A celebration and contemplation for the darkest season.

Produced and presented by
'Folkie' Phil Widdows

Hide! The Storm Is Coming
by Heg & The Wolf Chorus
from the album "Raising The Fires" (2016)

Verses (Tho Winter Comes Dreary)
by Gordon Tyrrall
from the album "A Distance From The Town" (2000)

When Winter Rides In
by Pete Shirley
from the album "Sunset Katy And 0ther Stories"(2015)

Wait For The Storm
by Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate
from the album "Invisible" (2011)

Turning Into Winter
by Jack The Lad
from the album "It's Jack The Lad" (1973)

When The Last Leaf Falls
by The Bills
from the album "Trail Of Tales" (20160

Coming Home
by K.P. Devlin
from the album "Violescent" (2014)

The Houses Of Winter
by Peter Mayer
from the album "Midwinter" (2005)

For Winter
by Pilgrim
from the EP "For Winter" (2016)

Reading: "Winter Nightfall"
by Robert Bridges
This recording is used with the permission of Classic Poetry Aloud : giving voice to the classic poetry of the past.

by Skippinish
from the EP "Three Latest Hits" (2015)

Same Thing Every Year
by Paul Davy
from the album "Better Late" (2015)

The Coming Winter
by Krista Detor
from the album "Barely" (2015)

How Cold The Winter
by Ida Wenĝe
from the album "Time Of Ghosts" (2015)

Reading: "A Scottish Winter"
by Gavin Douglas, read by John Laurie
from the album "Poetry And Music For Winter" (2011)

Long Shadows
by Maddy Prior
from the album "Year" (2009)

Reading: "Mousehole Tom"
by Phil Widdows

Tom Bawcock's Eve
by Richard Trethewey
from the album "Dig Where You Stand" (2012)

To The Coast
by Gren Bartley
from the album "Songs To Scythe Back The Overgrown" (2012)

Season III: The Winter Of Life
by Lady Maisery
from the album "Cycle" (2016)

The Month Of January
by Mary McPartlan
from the album "From Mountain To Mountain" (2016)

Cold Winds Blow
by Broom Bezzums
from the album "No Smaller Than The World" (2015)

Coppicing Song

by Hannah James
from the album "Jigdoll" (2016)

Long Cold Winter
by Kingfisher Blue
from the album "Til The Pond Freezes Over" (2016)

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2015 - 2014

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