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FolkCast 008 - August 2006
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Introduction and welcome...
FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol
00:00:51 to 00:02:02
Farewell by The Legendary Ten Seconds
00:02:02 to 00:06:05
Going Nowhere Fast by Robin Tymm
00:06:05 to 00:08:27
In Haste I Must Depart by Bill Furner
00:09:14 to 00:11:41
Red Kite by Veda Park

00:11:41 to 00:14:25

Perfect August by Adam Boucher

00:16:45 to 00: 19:12
Fresh Water by Kirsty McGee
00:19:12 to 00:22:45
Bliss by Miranda Sykes

00:22:45 to 00:27:05

On Roslyn Banks by Reg Meuross

00:27:22 to 00:37:29
Babba's FolkNotes Calendar for August, featuring tales of archery, bowling, The Burry Man and dub reggae...

(Babba's words captured by Mic-Master Merrick)

Babba's music this month...
1: Stable Door by Serious Kitchen
2: The Burryman by Daniel Patrick Quinn
3: Delight by Heavy Mellow

00:39:55 to 00:45:28
Van Diemen's Land by Steeleye Span
00:45:28 to 00:48:42
Azerie by Ian Cutler
00:45:28 to 00:50:24
Drowsy Maggie by wRants
00:50:24 to 00:53:56
Gently Johnny by Caroline Lavelle
00:57:34 to 01:01:42
Mole In A Hole by Chris & Siobhan Nelson
01:01:42 to 01:08:05
We Are and Rosemary Lane by Bob Kirkpatrick
01:08:05 to 01:12:11
It's Because Of You by Peter Rooney
01:13:30 to 01:19:09
The Wizard Of Carpathia by Cunnan
"... avacado ..."
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