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FolkCast 006 - June 2006
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Introduction and welcome...
FolkCast Theme Music: Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol
00:00:59 to
Bat Bi Hiru Lau by The Ronnie Wibbley Orchestra
00:04:58 to
The One-Legged Polka by Nigel Hobbins
00:08:51 to
The Funeral by Ian Hill
00:11:51 to
Walk Away by The Dust Poets

00:16:50 to 00:53:47

Interview with PJ Wright

PJ and Peggy's Tour Dates
Peggy and PJ
Dave Pegg and PJ Wright take
A Night Off...

Suite: Nether Bagwash*

Like The Moon At My Window (excerpt)
(by Little Johnny England)

Random Acts
Of Kindness*

Electric Railway (Cheap Day Return)*

Lily Of Barbary

* = (from PJ's solo album Hedge Of Sound)

00:53:52 to 00:58:50
Folk Notes Diary for June by Babba

Gray's Inn/Cheshire Rounds by Trebuchet

00:59:02 to 01:01:06
Let The Magic In by Boffius

01:01:01 to 01:04:47

The Children Of The Sea by John Meed

01:04:47 to 01:07:24
Summer In Britain by Jamelopoeia
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Reels: Spootskerry/Willafjord/St Anne's Reel by Aff The Cuff
"...Bye bye ..."
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