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February 4th 2006
Running Time: 01:07:26

Timings in hours, minutes and seconds (approx).

0:00:00 to 0:01:40 Introduction and theme music (Fisherman's Priest by Ken Nicol).
0:01:40 to 0:05:29 Walking On The Edge by Penda's Fen (Woven Wheat Whispers page) (Artist's Website )
0:05:29 to 0:06:37 Comment and chat
0:06:37 to 0:09:14 In This New Year by Tracy Jane Comer (Podsafe Page) (Artist's Website)
0:09:14 to 0:12:40 Jock O'Hazeldean by Dave Gibb (Artist's Website)
0:12:40 to 0:13:26 Harry Belafonte versus Arry Bella Fonte...
0:13:26 to 0:18:02 Arry Bella Fonte by The Hosepipe Band (Artist's Website)
0:18:02 to 0:18:42 Harry Belafonte's recent speech on terrorism
  NB: while Widds and Ken support Mr Belafonte and his remarks on this matter, it should not necessarily be inferred that all artists played on FolkCast do likewise.
0:18:42 to 0:19:20 Widds introduces Folk Notes Diary for February...
0:19:20 to 0:25:02 Hare, Fox & Badger by Eleanor's Visceral Tomb (Artist's Website)
and Folk Notes Diary by Babba
0:25:02 to 0:25:30 Ken introduces...
0:25:30 to 0:29:26 New Mexico by Dorian (Podsafe page) (Artist's Website)
0:29:26 to 0:29:37 Intro to interview
0:29:37 to 0:35:45 Simon Nicol Interview (Part 1)
0:35:45 to 0:40:48 Canny Capers by Fairport Convention (from the new album, Off The Desk)
0:40:48 to 0:46:32 Simon Nicol Interview (Part 2)
0:46:32 to 0:51:26 Western Wind by Fairport Convention (from the new album, Off The Desk)
0:51:26 to 0:54:52 Simon Nicol Interview (Part 3)
0:54:52 to 0:55:20 Fairport tour dates Ken introduces...
0:55:20 to 1:00:30 The Key by Emme Packer (Podsafe page) (Artist's Website)
1:00:30 to 1:03:24

Widds talks about what Podcasting is all about

Edit of Turn Off Your Radio And Turn Me On Instead by Dropkick (Podsafe page) (Artist's Website)

Ken asks for your feedback - why not record your comments as an MP3 and send it to us?

1:03:24 to 1:06:40 The Golden Age Of Steam by Steve Robinson (Podsafe page) (Artist Website)
1:06:56 to end Surprise!
Next FolkCast will be available on Saturday March 4th 2006
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