Spread The Word! Help To Publicise FolkCast

If you are going to a gig, a club or a festival, let other people know about the great music and interviews on FolkCast by printing a few fliers. Click one of the following links, and tell your computer to print the page to A4. Please print as many or as few fliers as you need. Then take them to the next live music event you attend, and either hand them out, or ask to leave them on the bar, the merchendising stand, the box office or anywhere else prominent such as a notice board.

If you are a promoter, artist or venue operator, perhaps you could help by incorporating the flier into your next programme or poster display?

You're an intelligent person, so please don't let our fliers become litter!

A4 Flier
2-up Fliers
A4 Flier (pdf format)